Most boring kid, or most popular person?


Bartholomew Bean is probably the most boring kid on the planet, and, after moving to Rancho Verdugo, he starts to feel even more boring.

I am a huge fan of the Jimmy Patterson books. I have read I Funny, Jacky Ha Ha, and the House of robot books. I was looking forward to reading the newest one,  “Unbelievably Boring Bart.”

In the first chapter it is really boring and hard to follow. You don’t really want to keep reading. But do keep reading! You will find that this book is full of plot.

This book is geared more towards boys. When I was reading it at school, I found a boy looking over my shoulder interested in what was going on. He even asked questions!  It does has the trademark Jimmy Paterson humor, so it keeps the girls entertained too. But, I think this would be a great gift for a older boy.

This story is about a boy who moves from Pennsylvania to Rancho Verdugo. His school is right next to Hollywood. That means all the celebrities’ kids go to his school, making him boring. And the perfect target for bullies.

His dad is a gym teacher and always tries to get Bart to be active. But Bart would prefer to be texting on the couch.

Bart decides to start coding a virtual reality game in secret. Then, CyberGirl103 startes texting him. Bart is slow to admit it, but CyberGirl103 is the closest thing to a friend he has. Feeling brave, he sends her the game.

When he goes back to school he is shocked to find that someone has discovered his game! The game goes viral and everyone is playing. Suddenly Bart is faces a hard choice. He can either reveal that he was the creator of the game, or he can use it to get revenge on his bullies.

I thought that this was a great book. If you like technology then I think you will love this book.