Tick Tock


Can you hear the ticking? Well, Jonathan for sure can and it is driving him crazy. The film “The House With a Clock in its Walls” is a stunning, marvelous motion picture with some very famous actors. The story, based on a novel, takes place in Michigan, in 1955. Jonathan’s nephew Lewis (Owen Vaccaro), who he barely knows, is coming to live with him because his parents died in a car crash. Jonathan (Jack Black) lives in a rather unusual house, a huge magical mansion. This house has feelings and emotions, and really seems to like Lewis. He finds out that his uncle is a warlock (“boy witch”) and their neighbor Mrs Zimmerman, (Cate Blanchett) a witch. The house once belonged to an evil warlock, who left a hidden clock in the walls, but they have no idea what it does so they look all over the house in an attempt to find it, but do not succeed.

Jonathan begins to teach Lewis magic spells like making his bed with the swipe of his hand. Lewis tries desperately to befriend Tarby, a boy at his school. He uses an evil form of magic to impress Tarby, in doing this he causes a bad situation for himself, his uncle, Mrs Zimmerman and potentially the entire world.

Some scenes in the movie were creepy but not all of them. “So Creepy” as said by Jonathan during the film when he was looking at the menacing dolls that had come alive. This movie would be best enjoyed by ages 11 and up because it was so creepy and the jokes were not for younger kids even though it is rated PG. There were some screams in the audience a few times during the movie, but also lots of laughter. For example, there was a chair that was alive, that acted like a pet dog. It was really funny how Jonathan and Mrs. Zimmerman had kind of a love-hate relationship. They called each other funny names like “withered purple skeleton”. The actors were all very convincing, especially Owen Vaccaro, playing 10 year old Lewis was very much in character and Jack Black, awesome as always. The style of the decoration in the house was quite similar to the Harry Potter movies, and it was very detailed and precise.

This spellbinding movie is definitely worth watching, if you enjoy magical, hilarious, amusing and eerie movies.