Sibling Rivalry at its Best

“In one step the cave went from darkness to overwhelming brightness”



The book Wizarmatch is the story of a girl named Lennie Mercado who has the simple magical power of invisibility, she can now hold her single invisibility for 15 second; which she is extremely proud of. This brunette wishes to have more than one power though. Her chance comes though when her grandfather, or “Poppop” decides to retire and step down from his position. With this shocking event occurring his grandchildren from all around come to compete in competition to win all the powers and become next Prime Wizard. Sibling rivalry at its highest to compete in winning it all or loosing it all becomes known none other than Wizarmatch.

The eventful and humorous story by Lauren Magaziner was an interesting and fairly quick read of about 295 pages. Including its expectable humor it also included some stunning cover image art and was personally written very creatively and well. In my opinion this book was aimed at a slightly younger age range of about 5th or 7th graders just because it was more of a short read or book and probably written for younger ages or preteens. Regardless of age group or reading level though, I really enjoyed this book and it did indeed make me laugh to myself and was written wonderfully once again.

In conclusion Wizardmatch written by Lauren Magaziner was a suitable short read that, though it may have been not much of an advanced read for me at least it was still a joy to read and definitely something others would read, regardless of the recommended age group. What would you do for all powers and overwhelming control, even if it meant sibling sabotage and out of control rivalry.