A fun TRex Toy


If you like building, the Playmobil Hidden Temple T Rex kit is for you!

It does have a lot of pieces, 161 in all,  but I suggest that you put them in a bag. At first, I didn’t think I could do it, because I was overwhelmed with all the pieces. I am used to building kits with LEGOS, and they come with numbered bags, so you know how to find each piece fast.  The Playmobil kit does not come with numbered bags, and it took my Dad and I a long time to find each piece to build the temple. There are 2 plastic tools that come with the kit, to help you build it. The building process is really hard and you might not understand it,  but with a little help from my parents, and a direction book, I could do it just fine! It took my Dad and I 40 minutes to build the whole kit.

It comes with three Playmobil characters-  two boys and one girl. There are two backpacks that go on any of the characters that you choose.  It also has a large, red T Rex that comes with it, that you do not have to build. The kit also comes with stickers and a uv light. In the dark, the uv light makes the stickers and other things glow. Another part is the elevator, which moves up and down. There is a gate that also moves up and down.

When you are finished building,  it looks really cool. My favorite part is the elevator because it carries a mysterious box.

This kit is for children aged 4-10 years old. I am 8 years old and my brother is 5 years old. We both enjoy it because we imagine that we are explorers in a hidden temple and have try to escape the dinosaur.

This kit costs $60 on Amazon. Other than how hard it was to build,(you might need a parent to help you), I think it is worth it because of the adventure you can have with this amazing toy!