Cupcake Surprise “Bridal Edition”


Cupcake Surprise “Bridal Edition” is a fun unusual toy.  The dolls do not do much though.   All they do is bend their arms back and forth and turn their heads.

This toy comes with an adorable penguin like snap bracelet who “hugs” you when you hug them.

The dolls smell very nice and have names that you can find on the back of the box.  The cupcakes they turn into are cute decorative little cupcakes.

Sadly, it is really hard to turn the dolls into cupcakes and back again.  You need to fit the hair net into the cupcake and put the rubber band underneath the topping and place the rubber band under her chin.

I was hoping they would come with more outfits to play with.

I did find this toy a bit boring and the clothes were hard to remove from the doll.

The ages I would prefer for this toy is about 3 to 6. A friend of mine who is five played with it and had fun turning the dolls into cupcakes. She enjoyed the sweet smell. Also she loved to take the clothes off and put them back on.

This is a perfect toy perfect for her age and younger.