Marble Tracks Get a Sweet Upgrade

Front of box Photo Credit: Amazon Website

Gravitrax is a new and incredible type of marble track.

By using magnets, gravity, and motion, kids can have fun with a whole new level of marble track. Instead of just being a set of tubes to roll a marble in, you can use railways, sharp turns, and propelling magnets to experiment.

The kit comes with a cardboard grid that you can easily assemble. By inserting the plastic pieces in the holes in the grid, you can make sure everything is stable.

You can also use the grid spacing to measure the distances and easily connect railways.

How the railways work is an easy and short method. The plastic pieces that have turns, intersections and more on them also have small holes on the edge of the marble track.

The railways end in rods, and then when you insert the rod into the hole, it holds steady and makes the marble run smoothly over larger pieces of grid.

The kit also comes with stackable plastic pentagons used to increase height and allow gravity to do its job. Without gravity and elevation, the only way for a marble to move is through the magnet propeller.

How the magnet works is, you line up two of the small metal marbles on one side of the metal magnet/divider, and none on the other, then when a metal marble approaches the empty side, the magnet pulls the ball towards it and the energy is transferred through the metal balls, causing the force to be transferred to the ball on the double side of the track, making it move forward.

This is similar to the Newton’s Cradle device, where energy is transferred through metal balls.

The Gravitrax starter kit comes with 122 pieces, but you can also buy add on packs with different momentum manipulators.

On Amazon, the main starter kit costs about $57, which, is pretty pricey. Although it is a bit expensive, though, I really enjoyed this new style of marble run, and I think that anyone who likes to build and experiment with physics should get this toy.