Washington Park, a Fun Experience for All.


If you are looking for a fun and entertaining family experience, I can most definitely recommend Washington Park. Washington Park, mostly known as Wash Park, was an awesome experience for me. It is located in Denver.
Wash Park has two playgrounds. The first one has a little wooden area with insect structures. This one is more for the littles.
The second one is more of treehouse looking. My younger cousin prefered that one, but had a hard time finding an entrance that he could climb into without help. The equipment is wooden, so does not heat as easily. The only problem is that even though the wood was smooth, I did find some splinter hazards.This playground is fairly new.
Another feature that the playground has is a sand pit. There are toys in there that the park put out. Anyone can play with them. There is also an astroturf covered hill near the playground area. They are cardboard boxes for “sledding.” Bring a piece of cardboard so you can slide too!
I would say that this is a great place for family gatherings. The park is ginormous. A reception with 200 people was there, and we couldn’t even hear it from where we were sitting. We saw a party too. I love the community feel of Wash Park.
Wash Park has tall trees so you can sit in the shade. That was a feature that adults appreciate so that they can stay cool while kids play. There is barely any seating near the playground, so bring a picnic blanket.
Wash Park has great walking spaces. It has a flower garden around a path. This park is pet friendly. It has wide open spaces for frisbee or catch.
They had a wavy path made for scooters and bikes. The kids were happily going down it, and I didn’t see one injury take place. One thing to know though, is to pack water. The park has bathrooms and trash cans, but no water fountains.
Wash Park is a great place for a day of family fun. Try something different. Mix it up a little. And don’t forget to bring a piece of cardboard box and scooter!