Last Kids on Earth and the Cosmic Beyond


The 272 page book was funny and I would definitely read the other books in the Last Kids on Earth series. I would recommend this book for kids who are around ten who like science fiction and action packed graphic novels. The book is set in a post monster apocalypse town called Wakefield. The monster apocalypse had happened a year ago and it was the first winter since then. The main character is a kid named Jack Sullivan. He lives in a treehouse with Quint Baker and Dirk Savage his two friends. He also lives with June Del Toro his true love. The other inhabitants of Wakefield are friendly monsters including one named Bartle. People who like characters who are absent minded cool kids would like Jack. People who like characters that improvise would like any of the four main characters because they improvised a lot. I especially liked Jack. The villainess is a woman named Evie Stark.

The Last Kids on Earth and the Cosmic Beyond starts off when Jack, Quint, Dirk and June find a message on a radio that says that there are more humans. In the book before they found the radio so, the author does not go into details about it but for people just reading the 4th book in the series they probably want to know how and where they got the radio. Also, the pictures in the book were not very descriptive but the author did put annotations so that helped.  I do think that the pictures got better with less annotations as the book progressed.

Afterwards, they got into their car ¨Big Mama¨ and start driving but, have to stop when there is a snowstorm. It was very cool that the author named the car. Then, they decide to catapult themselves off the top off their treehouse in a toboggan. What Jack and his friends don’t know is that they will not only be catapulted into snow but they will be catapulted into something much bigger and darker, something that will threaten there world and the universe beyond. You can get this book online or in a bookstore near you for $13.99.