Fun Toy to Play With, but a Pain to Build


Playmobil Aquarium Building Set was an extremely fun toy. I enjoyed playing with it, but it was a pain to build.
To assemble the aquarium, you must put together 112 pieces. When you look at the picture on the box, it looks like plastic, and like all you have to do is put on the small little plants. Wrong.
The instructions were in full color, which was nice, but if you missed one step, (which was easy to do) then you had to go back, and start over from where you left off. This toy says for age four plus, but most kids might want help.
Once the aquarium is assembled, it is really fun. What we learned: the toy has water, so it makes a better outdoor toy.
This toy’s purpose is to represent an aquarium. It has two people to watch the show, and one who is the “trainer.” It has two seals, four fish, and one seahorse. It has a marking for the maximum level of water that it can hold. I thought that the aquarium was very realistic.
It has loads of fun packed in it. I loved that it had many opportunities for creative play. My brother and I enjoyed playing with it, although we enjoyed making skits with the people. (He also enjoyed dropping them off the ceiling!) We found that this is a really fun toy to play with.
When you are done playing with the water, then you just dump it out. There are little pieces you should remove first.
I thought playing with this toy was fun and engaging, a good activity. This is about sixty dollars on Amazon. I feel like it has a good price for all the pieces that it includes and the hours of fun, but it could cost less. The Playmobil Aquarium Building Set makes a great family toy.