Short, easy, fun book


“Wicked Nix” by Lena Coakley is about a young fairy named Nix who has been tasked with protecting the forest from dangerous humans. When one of these people thinks he can live in there, it’s up to Nix to kick him out or trick him out before the queen comes back and sees the human. Not everything is black and white, though. The new human won’t leave, and there’s something he reminds Nix of… “Wicked Nix” uses Irish and Scottish mythology and spins it into a new story that younger kids will like. This book is for kids ages 8-10. This is a short story too, only 176 pages. It had a really simple vocabulary, but the story was interesting, so older kids can still get meaning out of it. While the premise of the book is fairies and legends, “Wicked Nix” also has a message of finding out who you are while keeping who you are right now relevant. This message can get through to kids because it’s seen through the eyes of someone just like them, rebellious and la little wild. The beautiful illustrations by Jaime Zollars really add a sense of authenticity to the story. This is a stand-alone book.