A Very Disappointing Read


I am very sad to say that I found “Dog Diaries,” by James Patterson, an awful read.
I love the Jimmy Patterson series that James Patterson started. But I found the newest one uninteresting.
I think that the problem with this one is that it was a little too juvenile for me. I gave it to my eight year old brother, and he liked reading it. “It was good,” in his words. He got annoyed with the main character, Junior, because he said,”Ha ha,” too much. (The dog is the one writing it.)
I think that this would be a perfect gift for a boy who has just learned how to read chapter books. It has 192 pages, but very little words on each page.
I’m not sure if girls would like this book. Maybe I didn’t enjoy it because it was too young for me, but I don’t really see a girl enjoying this.
The story is about a dog named Junior. He was in the pound but was adopted by his “pet” named Rafe. He talks about “Grandmoo” the grandma who he lives with, “Mom-lady” and “Jaw jaw,” aka Georgia, Rafe’s sister, who loathes dogs.
Junior has a pretty normal life. Then one day he goes to a dog park with Rafe. He sees his arch nemesis, the raccoon. He might have ended up in a epic raccoon hunt valiantly leading ALL the dogs across the park.
It is up to Junior to either win a dog show or go back to the pound. I really think that younger kids will enjoy this book.
Normally, the Jimmy books have depth in each character, but they are funny, so kids don’t feel scared. The climax is always good, and the plot develops well. I felt like this book had a very rushed plot, and the characters were not developed as well. It has some humor, but mostly younger kid stuff. The climax didn’t make me hold my breath; in fact I couldn’t really tell where there was a climax. I really found it a disappointing read compared to the rest of James Patterson’s kid stories. Maybe ages six to eight might enjoy this more than I did.