Author Interviews at the Tattered Cover Book Store


 “The Dark Deep” has two authors, Ally Condie and Brendan Reichs.

At a recent Tattered Cover appearance, they said that some of their hobbies and passions are soccer, their kids, golf, and skiing. The reason that they became authors is because they didn’t like their old careers. Brendan had originally wanted to be a lawyer, but it turned out to be a too serious job for an energetic guy.  The problem Allie had was that she didn’t have time to write because of her job as a teacher. The places that they go in the book like Timbers, are made up, but based on the coast of Washington. They decided to work together on the book because they had been friends for awhile, and they were getting master’s degrees at the same time. While they were writing the book, they wrote out the lines together, and then each of them wrote every other chapter and had the other person edit it. The main trouble they had in creating the book is that the book is in third person, so the authors had to make their views blend.

After my interview, the authors made a short speech and then let the audience at the Tattered Cover Book Store ask them questions. They also personalized some posters and signed any books that were brought. You also had the opportunity to buy the book. They asked us a few questions too, and we had a speed round of “Would you rather . . .?” The authors were very friendly and did an amazing job of keeping everyone happy even with the bad weather outside. They also described their other books and had a ton of fun.

I would recommend going to the Tattered Cover for other author presentations and keeping an eye out for other fun events. I’m also looking forward to other books from these authors and future interviews.