Shrinky Dinks’ newest creation is a great idea, but lacks the creativity that we all love.
For all of the Shrinky Dinks that I have played with, you color the figures. With this set, you foil them.
If you have ever put on a fake tattoo, you will know just how to apply the foils. If you don’t, then there are very easy to read instructions.
The kit includes a sponge and 20 foils. There are also the classic Shrinky Dinks’ charms.
First, you cut out the foil and find the matching charm. Then, you remove the plastic. Next, to apply the foils, you soak the sponge. (It doesn’t matter the temperature of the water.) You press the foil on the shiny side of the charm. You hold for ten seconds, then it’s done.
This was where my friends and I had a problem. Some foils did not fit on the shiny side of the charm. We tested our luck and applied it on the rough side. It turned out totally fine. We even agreed that it was better because the other side was smooth.
It turned out that the charms were not a good fit for the foils. That made the toy seem junky.
You only will bake them for one minute. You take them out and they are curled up. You pop them in the oven for 30 seconds more. Something to know: If you are going to do it on the rough side you bake it five seconds longer, so you would do a minute and 30 seconds, take them out, empty the rest, then bake 5 extra seconds.
I felt sad that you could not color the decorations yourself.  I could see why some people would prefer the foils over DIY, because it’s simpler. But if you want a long craft, this is not for you.

I have mixed feelings about this toy because the creativity is lacking, but the results are excellent. They have a special glitter effect too. I think that this is a pretty good toy despite the flaws.