Cute Toy, Bad Quality


Smooshy Mushy babies are a adorable and fun toy,  but the quality of the foam is terrible and the price is way more than this toy is worth. I loved this toy but was slightly disappointed.

The squishies came ripped, also, the  plastic bottle containing the squishies with fake milk may come leaking, because we read some reviews on Amazon, and this had happened to many people.

They also fall apart eventually, because it happened to me.

They do get a little boring after a while, If you are older, you might find this toy a little boring.

Also, they are more expensive than they are worth. On Amazon, they are 25 dollars, and on Target, they are 15 dollars. There are only two squishies, a bottle with chains that hold the two squishies together, a sticker, and the “plastic bottle with fake milk” containing the squishies.

Obviously, this toy is not near being worth as that much.

A cool thing I found about these squishies is that when you put water in the rips it will make them more squishy. I would not recommend this toy for younger kids, because they rip easily, and younger kids will easily rip this toy, due to the bad quality of its foam. This toy smells very nice and it is a cute toy.

I love this toy but the price, and the quality of the foam, is not my favorite. This is a cute toy, but be aware of the issues.