The Flying Sushi Kitchen is a fun and engaging toy that people of ages 6 and over can enjoy. It has several entertaining features that make the game challenging and amusing. The goal of the game is to be the first player to earn $25 from sushi orders and tips by using chopsticks to grab styrofoam sushi parts out of the air within the allotted time without dropping any components.

When you first open the box, you find the base, sushi order cards, chopsticks, styrofoam sushi balls, money tokens, plates, ginger and wasabi, imitation bamboo tubes, and chopstick “trainers”. To power the base unit, four C batteries are required, but not included in the box. After installing the batteries, you assemble the rest of the toy by installing the bamboo tubes into the base unit. Once you have set up the base, you can start unwrapping and organizing the rest of the parts. When you are ready to play, you simply take an order card from the stack, place the needed sushi balls on the bamboo tubes, press the correct timer button, and start to seize the balls out of the air with your chopsticks so you can complete the order in time. In addition to the sushi balls, some orders require you to add ginger and wasabi pieces.

Although this is a high-quality toy, there are still a couple of minor things that could have some improvements. First of all, the styrofoam balls start off as being fairly aerodynamic, yet after falling on the floor or table frequently, the balls end up getting slightly deformed, thus making them harder to float in the air consistently. The only other suggestion to the game would be to add a countdown timer to the base. This would make it easier to know exactly how much time you had left to finish the order. I wasn’t sure what to expect from a game with chopsticks and styrofoam balls, but my friends and I had a lot of fun playing with it and were impressed by its quality. This toy sells for $45 on but is available for $25 dollars at Walmart, which I think is a more reasonable price for the quality of this toy. Overall, this is a unique game that I would recommend to people over the age of 6.