Girl of The Alamo: Chapter 5


It seemed as though over the course of three days my entire life has been turned upside down. Although I had no clue where I was going I knew that I had to get away from the Alamo in case the Mexicans came back, but first I cut off a piece of my husband’s shirt since I knew I wouldn’t be able to take the body with me. So…I quickly gathered some food from the kitchen, packed some extra clothes, and set off on the horse I had taken to the Alamo. After what seemed to be about a week and a half of riding I finally came across a town that looked to be under Texan control. Riding into the town I saw a sign that said Washington-on-the-Brazos.


I got off my horse, tied her up, and walked into what looked like the town saloon/bar. Although, there was nothing like a bar inside of that building. There were many tables, maps, and men all gathered together and having a heated conversation. A moment later one of the men noticed me and asked what a lady like me was doing in this town let alone in the “Saloon”. I replied “ I just came here from the Alamo,” then I started to tear up a bit, ”I’ve been riding on my horse for days trying to find a Texan controlled settlement”. Another man then asked me “Why did you leave the Alamo, the last we heard it was Texan controlled and everything was fine?”. That’s when I knew it was safe to tell my story to these men so I replied: “On February 20th the Mexicans came, and there was nothing we could do since they outnumbered us so greatly, from what I saw General Crockett and General Bowie are both dead”.  It seemed as though at that moment something clicked in those men’s minds because it looked to me as though all of them had just realized some big and important thing.