Johnny English: Still Clumsy, Still Funny

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“Johnny English Strikes Again” is a hilarious movie that everybody should watch. The main character is an Englishman who used to work to the British spy agency MI7. After he messed up his last case, he was fired. However, when the British security system is hacked 10 days before the G12 summit of global leaders, he is the only spy not in the records that could be used because the other agent’s identities were exposed. M17 calls him out of his new teaching career to do one more case. After two cybersecurity hacks, they get him on the case. He starts out good, traveling to France on a lead.

His first task is to steal a suspect’s phone and go through it. He makes numerous embarrassing attempts until his partner finally snatches it. However, it was a fancy French restaurant, and he had been posing as a waiter. He started flame-cooking lobster before he was made aware that his partner snatched the device. He was so excited that he hurried on the pan, dropping the lobster on the ground. However, he missed a piece when he picked it up, and spilled the alcohol the couple had ordered. The still-burning lobster catches the spilt beverage after he leaves and WHOOSH, he burns down the entire restaurant.

Another example of his clumsiness and impatience is when he is chasing a suspect up a hill in his spy car and is cut off by a group of bicyclists. Instead of honking, he shoots a tear gas missile at them, making them collapse on the side of the road so he can get through; only to end up out of fuel at the top of the mountain, helplessly watching his suspect drive away. He finds the suspect at a hotel later on, and they chat at the bar for a while. I will not tell you what happens, but it involves a gun, energy pills, a lot of dancing, and a long drive.

This is an awesome movie that everyone should watch. It is rated PG and is great for family movie night, or even just going to the theatres with friends. I recommend this movie for anyone and everyone aged 8 to whenever you die. This is because if you are younger than 8, the only part you would understand about the plot of the movie is Johnny getting hurt. However, if you are older, you should see this great movie.