Monstrous Devices


“Just visible, behind the chair leg, was the edge of … something. Something that shouldn’t be behind the leg of his chair.” -Monstrous Devices. This new book by Damien Love is about the adventure that 12-year-old Alex goes on. One snowy day, Alex receives a package in the mail from his grandfather. Inside the package is an old tin robot with a note that says, “This one is special.” After he gets the package, strange events start occurring around him. Some of these events include weird texts being sent to Alex’s phone and strange noises and shadows in his room. Alex starts to suspect that this robot isn’t just special, it could also be deadly.

As things start to get out of hand, Alex’s grandfather appears. He pulls Alex out his otherwise crazy world of school, homework, family, and bullies and into a world of a great adventure and an ancient family feud. With his grandfather by his side, Alex travels around Europe, attempting to solve the mystery of the little old tin robot, while avoiding dangerous and relentless assassins of the human and mechanical kind.

“Monstrous Devices” is a great novel that I enjoyed reading. In my opinion, I think that this book is for readers that like robots and building things. I would recommend this book for readers 10+but this is a good read for anyone. I really liked this book, and I think everyone who gets the chance to, should for sure read this book.