A Piece of Art That Will Blow You Away

The beautiful glass flower does not just brighten up the exhibit but they are sure to bring more light into your day.


The poem “In Flanders Fields” by John McCrae inspired the Denver Botanic Gardens and Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) to make an exhibit of the poppies in Flanders Fields.

There are a total of one hundred glass flowers in the water. This is a very special thing because there have only been three to four big sculptures in the water, this being the first time there were multiple in one place. A hundred poppies represent the one hundred year anniversary of the end of World War I which also happens to be Veterans Day.

This is the first time that there is an exhibit to remember the veterans in the Botanic Gardens, but they have always had a discount on the fee for active or former veterans and they get free admission on November 11, Veterans Day.

Each poppy was handmade by a team of four veterans. Since they were handmade you can see the differences between each one, but they are all one, which is really amazing.

VFW has also made one thousand three hundred columbines in memory of the one thousand three hundred Colorado soldiers who died in WWI, but these are not displayed. Each columbine has the name of one of the soldiers that gave their lives in WWI.

Both the poppies and the columbines are for sale after the exhibit is closed. If you decide to buy the two flowers the poppies are for three hundred fifty dollars and the columbines are for two hundred thirty-five dollars. All the money that comes from the sales of the flowers goes to Capital Campaign project for the VFW post.

The last day you can see the exhibit is Veterans Day.

I would highly recommend going to see this breathtaking piece of art in the Denver Botanic Gardens.

There are still a lot of flowers and sculptures in the whole twenty four-acre property so it would be easy to spend a day there.

There are sculptures around the gardens of elegant women called  La Catrina for the Day of the Dead which is something you can see on a visit to the botanic gardens.

If you have any questions while you are there great people to ask are the director of exhibitions and learning engagement head curator of art, Lisa M. W. Eldred, or communications manager, Erin Bird.

The Denver Botanic Gardens have a lot to offer and the poppies exhibit is something worth seeing.