Attention all Logic Lovers!


Cat Crimes by ThinkFun, uses logic.
When I got Cat Crimes, I expected it to be a fun board game. It is actually a logic-based, one person game that you either love, or give away.
Cat Crimes comes with six little cut out cats. The board is a rug. There are pictures on the rug showing you the object before one of the cats ruin it.
The first step to playing Cat Crimes is to take out the deck of cards. Each card has the crime committed by one of the cats. Next, you put the token showing the ruined object on the normal object. The card provides clues to where all of the cats are. Once the cats are in the correct spot, you check to see if you have found the guilty cat. The one sitting closest to the crime is the guilty one.
The instructions were very clear. They have cat bios inside them that “help” you solve the mystery. They are really only helpful if you don’t know the breed or hair type.
They have cards from beginner to expert. As you go up, the questions get harder.
The cards will say stuff like, “Put Mr. Mittens next to the catnip”. The only problem is that there are two of each cat toys (i.e. catnip, bell ball, and yarn). That made it very hard to get the locations right. You have to use the process of elimination to find the culprit
This game is great for logic lovers. It is definitely not for younger kids because it is too difficult. For kids who are looking for a challenge this is a great toy.