New Novel is a Surprisingly Great Read!

Front cover photo credit: Amazon Website.

“Children of Blood and Bone” by Tomi Adeyemi is about an old society with three classes. The Kosidan, or middle class, The Maji, or wizards and witches, and the nobles. Many years ago the powerful Maji ruled the planet. The healer Maji could stop plagues, the water Maji could control forest fires, the grounders and welders could build homes and castles quickly. The Maji did many great deeds, but some Maji who got control of the throne abused their powers. They terrorized the citizens. So a man led a rebellion. Thousands joined, and after he found a way to combat the magic, they took down the powerful Maji. They killed every Maji they could, but left the children, since they did not have their powers yet. The now king got rid of magic, leaving thousands of undeveloped Maji, known as Diviners, orphans.

Anyone who showed signs of magic was killed. Every Maji and Diviner had one unique distinction, white hair. If you had white hair, you were beaten, considered worthless, terrorized by the dreaded guards, and even the normal people. Every single Diviner wished magic could run through their veins, and would do anything for it. But the regime of the new king was relentless. There was a tax for even just being a Diviner. If you didn’t pay it, you became a slave. If you were sold into the stocks, as it was called, it was brutal, unpaid labor, and you would likely never get out. And the worst part was that only Diviners could be put into the stocks.

The story starts when Zelie, a Diviner, goes to trade. She goes to the market with a very rare fish, and gets more money off of it than she had ever seen in her life. On her way out though, someone running from the guards grabbed her. It was obvious that she needed help, and because of what she had been taught, Zelie helped her escape. I will not tell you what happens, but it involves an explosion, an unrealistic getaway, and royalty.

This is a great book because when you read it, you seem to be whisked away into the world of the book, and you want to read more. Despite the complexity of having to learn all the terms used in the book, this is a book that is more than just interesting, I finished this 500 page book in a single day because I was so interested that that was all I did. I recommend  this for anyone above the age of 11. You should be over 11 because there is a lot of fighting and death in this book.