Caveboy Dave


This 256-page graphic novel was a great book.  For the first half of the book the black & white pictures were pretty good, but in the second half they were horrible scribbles. There was no clear reason why the pictures changed but, for a graphic novel you need good pictures.

I liked how the author described the characters.  For example, he described one character as 75% chest hair, 23% muscle, ad 2% brain.  He described another character as, 100% “Ugh”.

The book is set in medieval times and the main character just invented ice cream and summer vacation.  His name is Dave Unga-Bunga. One day this rock formation challenged the Balancing Boulders falls down and Dave sees a fire that was blocked by the rock formation.  He goes to tell their leader, Shamer Faboo, but he is gone!

Until the village can find Shamar Fabou, they assign Dave (a 12-year-old) to be their shaman.  At first Dave likes the job, but soon he gets bored with it. A reason for being bored was that all he got to do was solve people’s problems. Alas, no one can find Shaman Faboo.

Can Dave and his friends find Shaman Faboo before it is too late?  They will have to get past carnivorous birds, lava spewing geysers, and much more.

Purchase Caveboy Dave online or in bookstores for just $12.99.  I would recommend this book for kids around 10 years old who like funny stuff and action-packed adventure. I am very happy they are coming out with a sequel.