DMNS Cuba Exhibit is Fun and Informative

(Chris Schneider DMNS)

Many people, including myself, don’t know much about Cuba. The “Cuba!” exhibit at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science taught me so much about the country.

As soon as you walk through the exhibit doors you feel almost as though you are in Cuba. You’re surrounded by colorful decorations and photos. One of the first things you learn are fun facts: Cuba is made up of more than 4000 islands and is the largest island in the Caribbean. It is located 94 miles off the coast of Florida. They have a population of 11, 238, 317 people.

You see photos and stories of everyday people in Cuba. You get the sense that Cuban citizens love their country. “There is no place like Cuba, where we are united, where everyone is equal, but different,” said an urban farmer.

Part of the exhibit looks like a plaza. You see an old car, and replicas of a tobacco shop and a church. There are tables where you can play dominoes and look at Cuban baseball cards, one thing that I didn’t know was popular in Cuba. There are also instruments you can play, and once or twice a week local musicians or dance groups perform in the exhibit.

About half of the exhibit is about the culture and people of Cuba, and the other half about the wildlife and natural environment.  One room displays the animals you can find in Humboldt National Park. There are many animals that are unique to Cuba, including a Solenodon, a venomous rodent. It’s lots of fun to try and spot the live Anole Lizards. Another room looks like a coral reef. And the last is Cuba Wetlands, where a large fake alligator is jumping out of the water to catch a meal.

You can watch a short movie about Cuba. Near the end of the exhibit you get to see Cuban poster art, and learn the stories of local Cuban Americans.

The exhibit does involve a lot or reading, so it probably isn’t suited for young children. I think kids ages 10 and up would enjoy the interactive parts of the exhibit more.

I think everyone did a great job with the exhibit. The environment has great ambience, and I learned so much about the country.