A Movie Worth Watching


The Grinch (Benedict Cumberbatch) is fed up off the Whos because of one simple reason: He hates Christmas. This drives him to want to take revenge on Whoville for reminding of how lonely he was during the holidays when he was little.
Cindy Lou Who (Cameron Seeley) wants only present this year: Her overworked mother (Rashida Jones) who does everything for others, to be happy. She will go to extreme lengths to give her mom this well-deserved gift.
The two encounter each other and great things happen.
The original film adaption of the book How the Grinch Stole Christmas by Dr. Seuss and the new version is very different but each one has its perks.
The first movie was more true to the book and the one that came out this year is more kid-friendly. The main character, the Grinch, is a lot meaner and mischievous in the first version and a lot less so in the new version.
The two movies share the basic plotline, while their other main details are not the same.
Both have a narrator (John Legend) that rhymes, which shows the style of Dr.Seuss.
I personally liked the movie that came out on November 9, 2018, better for many reasons.
In this adaption, there are many good themes that teach kids and adults more about how their actions matter and how to appreciate others.
The Grinch is not as sinister as he is in the original, so younger kids can watch it without getting scared too easily, which results in a broader target audience.
I also thought that the storyline in this interpretation was as realistic as a fictional movie could get. This way viewers can relate to the story better.
There are also parts in the plot that are not present in How the Grinch Stole Christmas that are funnier, more interesting and kid-friendly.
The whole movie is also more appropriate for kids below the age of 9.
If you are a kid older than 14 than you will most likely not enjoy the movie.
Even though The Grinch is generally meant for kids, parents would enjoy it too.
If you want to see a cynical and mean Grinch then you are better off not watching this movie. This is the movie for you if you want to watch a movie that sets you in the holiday mood.