“Instant Family” Movie Brings Light to the Pros and Cons of Adoption

Movie Cover Photo Credit: Amazon Website

Wow is the first word I said after seeing this movie.

With Mark Wahlberg, “Instant Family” is about a house-flipping couple that has nothing to do with kids. After a relatives visit, an off-handed remark, and a visit to an adoption website, they are hooked. Pete (Mark Wahlberg) and Ellie (Rose Byrne) take an adoption class, and then they are ready to get kids. After going to an adoption fair, they settle on three kids. A teenage girl named Lizzie (Isabela Moner), her brother Juan (Gustavo Quiroz), and her sister Lita (Julianna Gamiz).

The first week goes very well, but when the kids start showing their true personalities, troubles arise. Lita is wild, Juan is emotional, and Lizzie is fiery and disobeying. At first, only Lizzie can control Juan and Lita, but relationships change. I will not tell what happens next in the movie, but it involves some stressful court sessions, overprotective parents, and the evolving of relationships.

My favorite part about this movie is that it showed everything. Instead of just showing the happy times and the major stuff, they give context in between, and make a relatable story for kids and adults alike. The writer/director (Sean Anders) used comedy and empathy in such a way that the film was always tugging your heart in different directions, changing your emotions throughout the movie.

The movie is 2 hours long, although you wish it were ten. It does have some swearing and is rated PG-13. I think that everybody over the age of 12 should see this. It can show every emotion in a 5-minute span and make you feel as if you are in the story, something I have only found before in books. Because of the swearing, and some slightly revealing clothes in the movie, kids under 12 probably should not see it yet, although if you are above the recommended age, or your parents will allow it, you should see this movie. I could, and probably will, watch it again, and will still experience the same awe, happiness, and other emotions that contribute to the movie.