Poop scoop and drama


 “Rules of the Ruff” by Heidi Lang is a very inspiring book. I loved this book because it has so many adventures and it was about dogs, soccer, and boy drama. The main character’s name is Jessie, and her and her cousin Ann are the best buddies ever. But someone messes up their relationship Loralee. Loralee is the meanest teen on the earth well for Jessie she is because she takes away her soccer buddy, her cousin Ann, and it feels like everything. 

Jessie is sad, bored, and hopeless but Jessie finds Wes. Wes is a very strict person but he runs a dog walking service and has the secret to understanding dogs.  Wes makes Jessie’s life very difficult starting with picking up lots and lots of dog poop and holding all the dog leashes. But she will not give up because she wants to get revenge on Loralee, learn the rules of the ruff from Wes, and earn her own dog.

“Rules of the Ruff” has so many descriptive words and the author, Heidi Lang, can paint a picture in your mind. Heidi Lang describes the dogs and the dog poop in such detail you can see and smell it. This book is inspiring because it encourages me to never give up even when Wes and others are being frustrating and bossy.

Jessie shows both good and bad ways to deal with friends and frustration.  The revenge Jessie takes is really fun to read about but don’t actually do it in real life. Which is one of the reasons as a 10 year old reader in my opinion I would say this is about a 4th grade and higher book. I think this is a 4th grade and higher book because there is rude language, bad behavior, and some kissing. Even though there is some kissing both boys and girls would like this book. Plus it is very long it took me months to read in addition to my homework. I really enjoyed this book because it was funny, had crazy adventures and boy drama. I hope that Heidi Lang will write more adventures for Jessie and the dogs. I can’t wait to see what trouble Jessie causes next time.