Fun Game, Hard Setup


Sensors Alive is a game built to teach the basics of physics. It is mostly an app-based game. That means that a tablet, iPad or phone is required to actually use the toy. You also need eight AAA batteries.

Sensors Alive comes with three sensor pods, a base station and instructions. This seems like a very simple game, but with the help of the app it is a complete world.

In the game, there are two modes. One is the measurement mode, and the other is the game mode. The only reason you need to go to the measurement mode is to learn how to take measurements. You take the measurements through the game mode.

I found that the measurement mode wasn’t all that helpful. It basically went over the same thing that the instructions went over. The hard part was knowing when to put in the sensor pods.

This is how the game works: You are first welcomed by your personal assistant. She goes over the rules, and you start. Your objective is to create genimals to repopulate the island of Seropia. You have two eggs, and you have to create two genimals to create an island.

To create an genimal, you need measurements to determine the personality of the genimal. For example, if you record high temperatures, your genimal will have scaly skin. You also need measurements to make fruit for your genimal. If they are happy, they will give you an egg.

To take measurements, you push the button in the middle of one of the sensors. When it is yellow, it is preparing. When is is green, it is recording. When there are no lights, the measurement has been taken. You will also connect your device to bluetooth. We found it was best to watch a YouTube video of kids doing it. We got confused because we didn’t know that you had to insert the pod into the base station when it came to the characteristics page, and not before.

I really enjoyed how realistic this game was. It makes you feel like you are really on a mission. And I liked that you got to name your pets.

My only complaints are that a) the instructions weren’t clear about when to insert the pod, and b) it takes a lot of time to understand. 

This toy is recommended for ages 8-14.I think that this is a great gift. This is great for STEM teachers too.