The Girl with More Than One Heart


“The Girl with More Than One Heart” by Laura Geringer Bass is an emotional book. This book tugs at your heartstrings, makes you laugh, makes you cry, and makes you appreciate your life and family. This book is a good read for girls 9 to 13. The vocabulary in this book is not very high, which makes it a quick fun read for the age range. Though this book is not in a series, I really hope, Laura Geringer Bass  decides to continue with Briana and her story. Overall, I really enjoyed this book.

In this book Briana loses her father, and is left to take care of her brother Aaron and her mother. Soon after Briana lost her father she discovered a second heart beating in her stomach. Briana’s second heart tells her things like “find her”, and also brings back memories from her past. Throughout this book Briana struggles with jealousy towards another girl, anger towards her mother, and getting bullied by some extremely mean girls and boys in her class. Whilst dealing with all of these things Briana still has to deal with losing friends who just don’t seem to understand family. Through all of these mentally challenging incidents, Briana still has her little brother, Aaron, to take care of. Aaron is scared of the dark, is failing kindergarten in his teacher’s eyes,  and doesn’t understand why his mom is not taking care of him and Briana. Grandpa Ben is also an important character. Grandpa Ben takes care of Aaron one day a week, and is full of stories for Aaron and Briana. Peter is Briana’s best friend, and has been for as long as Briana can remember. But Briana is worried Peter is slipping away, and into another girls grasp of friendship.

Briana’s second heart helps her figure out lots of life keys, and keeps her going every day.The Girl with More Than One Heart” is a book that will teach life lessons without anyone even knowing. This book is truly a terrific book that any girl will enjoy and want to share with all of her friends.