New Spin on Old Christmas Tale

The company of the DCPA Theatre Company's 'A Christmas Carol.'

“A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens will be at the Stage Theatre in the Denver Performing Arts Center until December 24. I’ve seen this play multiple times, including last year at the Stage Theatre, and they make it interesting because even though the story remains the same, they change it up just a bit each time which keeps repeat audiences involved.  This is pretty impressive considering many of the actors from last year returned for the same roles this year.

In this classic Christmas show, Ebenezer Scrooge (played by Sam Gregory) works for a company, and he used to have a partner named Marley who died many years ago.  Ebenezer is a mean and rude man that never spends his money and yet never shares his money with others. The show is about how he is haunted by a series of spirits that take him to different slices of time that are from his life.  Each spirit shows the impact that his life is currently having on people around him. The result is that he learns some tough lessons and becomes a better man that learns to not only be kind to others, but also to not value money above everything else.  

A key character in the story is Tiny Tim (played by Lucas Turner). Tiny Tim is this little kid that is really poor, has a leg brace, and yet is very joyful. He is the son of Bob Cratchit (played Brian Vaughn) who works for Ebenezer. When Ebenezer sees that Tiny Tim will die if he doesn’t give Bob Cratchit a raise, Ebenezer is devastated.  This makes a big impact on Ebenezer.

Each spirit is referred to as a ‘ghost’.  The ghost of Christmas Past (played by Latoya Cameron), the ghost of Christmas Present (played by Erick Pinnick) and the ghost of Christmas Yet To Come (played by Darrell T. Joe) that visit Ebenezer all in one night (Christmas Eve) in order to show him fragments of his life. Ebenezer sees what he’s done in the past, what is happening in the present, and the consequences if he doesn’t change in the future.

In this version of the play, the Ghost of Christmas Past looks like an angel, the Ghost of Christmas Present looks a lot like Santa Claus, and the Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come looks like a Grim Reaper (he does not even speak one word). One of my favorite characters this year was Bob Cratchit because the man playing him did an extraordinary job of showing thankfulness and being happy with what you get. My favorite part of the show was when Ebenezer decided to change his ways. This is really hard to do in real life.  I would recommend the show for kids older than 9 because there are some scenes with extremely loud noises and jump scares.