This Game is Da Bomb!


Cut The Wire by Yulu toys is an addictive game to play with friends, family, and even just by yourself!

Cut The Wire’s objective is to cut the winning wire, or cut the defuse wire, but stay away from the danger wire. (In one game) The little light-up screen on the front displays clues that you have to apply to your action, and which wire you should cut. For example, if the screen displays a clue that says “Danger Wire Is” triangle, you need to cut anything but a triangle wire. (A wire with a triangle icon on the side) If the screen says “Defuse Wire Is” red, cut a red wire, but make sure it is not a red triangle. (Both clues are in the same round) If you cut a losing wire, a siren noise will play, and when the defuse wire is cut an “oh yeah” sound is played.

The package includes 1 Cut The Wire device, 1 die, and a pair of wire clippers. The wire clippers and the die can be attached on the back with a plastic holder, for portable use.

The one thing that was problematic was the timed mode. That setting barely provided any time to cut the correct wire. It didn’t make much sense to me, and I would’ve preferred there only be the regular version. On a random note, some US senators tried to ban the game, because of the ”explosion” factor. If you are fine with your child(ren) defusing a fake bomb, then go ahead!

The game can be played with up to 10 people, and is suitable for ages 6+, as YULU says. The game has a stressful air to it, which may overwhelm kids younger than 6. Keep in mind, the anxiousness is more exciting than anything else, so kids up to the age of adults will think of this game as a family favorite. Cut The Wire by YULU is more centered around interests than age, so if you are interested in a fast-paced activity for the whole family (for the most part), Cut The Wire is for you.

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