World War 2 Spy Brought to Life Through Words

Front Cover Photo Credit: Amazon Website

The title of  “the Faithful Spy” is both correct and incorrect in multiple ways. Dietrich Bonhoeffer was a strongly religious man born during the early 1900s, set on becoming a preacher, and alive during the time of Hitler. He grew up while he watched as Hitler come to power and start taking over the church. Dietrich was faithful to God, so once the Nazi party took control of churches, he joined the confessing church and became unfaithful to the German government. He then took a break and moved to America for a month, before he realized that he cared too much about Germany, and had to go back to save his country. After being investigated by the Gestapo (German CIA/FBI type organization) he joined the Abwehr (another German FBI/CIA organization equal to the Gestapo), which was basically the Gestapo’s equal, and became a spy for the confessing church. After two failed plots to kill Hitler, the Abwehr rebellion was discovered and the whole branch was shut down. I  will tell you no more, but it involves travel, escapes, and bombs.

My favorite part about this book was that everything was the truth, but it was told in such a way that enticed the reader. There are not many characters, and I wish there were more, but the book does tell you a lot about Dietrich. I also like that even though the book is similar to an autobiography, the author tells you what he is thinking.

I recommend this for kids only over 7th grade or the age of 12. I say this because that is when you are taught about the world wars, which will give you the insight and background knowledge needed to understand the book better. Despite being based in a time of war, the book has no bad or gory scenes, and would be fine for anyone who wants to read it, even if they might not understand it.  However, if you do know the background info, this is a very interesting book that you should read.