The Movie Making Magic of Star Wars


“The Movie Making Magic of Star Wars: Creatures and Aliens” by Mark Salisbury is a fantastic book, with flaps and flip books inside to pull open!

This amazing book is about what the crew did for costumes and special effects. The book is divided into sections of each movie, including the most recent ones like Solo, The Last Jedi, and Rogue One. Then, there is an introduction about the background of the series.

One thing I found awesome was that there are pictures from the actual making of the movie. For example, in the section for A New Hope, it shows a picture of the elephant named Margji, that they cast as the bantha. There are lots of cool fun facts and behind the scenes secrets too. For some of the major characters like Jabba, there is a little booklet that shows what the concept sketches of the character was.

One of the coolest parts of this book is the pages on Chewbacca. Did you know that his suit was made of yak and mohair fur? Yoda’s part was pretty sweet too. Yoda was originally a puppet, operated by Frank Oz and was later changed into a CG computer animation. I wanted to see what other people thought of the book, so I asked my family.

My little brother, Gage, is a big Star Wars fan and really enjoyed looking at it. He said he liked the flaps with pictures underneath. Gage told me he had no criticism of the book.

My dad, also an avid Star Wars fan, thought that the book was neat, but it focused more on the minor characters instead of the bigger ones. His opinion was to include more major characters rather than creatures like porgs.

My criticisms are that I think the book should have human characters similar to Han Solo, Luke, Leia, and Obi-wan Kenobi. It also should have droids, but my favorite character is R2D2, so maybe that’s just me. I also agree with my dad in that there should be more major characters instead of the minor ones.

Therefore, I would definitely say that this behind the scenes sneak peak book is one for all Star Wars fans out there. It was enjoyable and fun to look at.