A Simple But Great Book


For all fans of the Whatever After books, the newest one has arrived! “Seeing Red,” by Sarah Mlynowski, is a short book that has a great message. It is the fractured fairy tale of “Little Red Riding Hood.”
The story starts off with Abby and Jonah finally getting to spend time with their nana who lives in Chicago. Abby is super excited about spending time with Nana, until she realizes that her friends are going to have a sleepover! Nana says that Abby should have family time rather than go.
Angry, Abby wonders if Maryrose (the fairy trapped in her mirror) would transport her to the sleepover. She knows that they have only gone into fairy tales, but wonders if Maryrose will make an exception.
While Abby sneaks downstairs at midnight, Jonah and Prince (the dog) tag along. They knock on the mirror and, whoosh, land in a treehouse. Unfortunately, it’s not the sleepover, but instead another fairy tale.
If you have read other Whatever After books, then you will know that what happens next if very common. Jonah messes up the story! In the original, the huntsman saves Little Red and her grandmother. So what happens if Jonah just knocked the huntsman unconscious? And what if maybe they like the wolf?
This was a very good novel, but a little short at 155 pages. However, it is still just as thrilling and the plot keeps you interested. There are some slightly intimidating parts for younger readers, but I love how the author makes those parts funny, like when the wolf is wearing trousers.
If you have read the other books, then you are in for a surprise! Abby discovers something about her family that shocked me! I thought that this book had a great hidden message too.