John Flanagan Produces Yet Another Good Read


“The Red Fox Clan” is an add-on of the Rangers Apprentice sub-series “The Royal Ranger.” John Flanagan has written 21 great novels in the world of the rangers. The books are based off of a world created by Mr. Flanagan. The most prominent setting is the island kingdom of Araluen. I personally believe that Araluen is based off of America. Between the somewhat similar names, and the 50 fiefs (Kind of like states) it seems almost obvious. Other countries in this world are obvious as well. Like Nihon-Ja, which is how you say Japan in Japanese, and Skandia, the Scandinavian region.

The time is the medieval age. A ranger is not just a park ranger like it is today. A ranger is the ultimate law enforcer. Only one is assigned to each fief, and each is trained past excellency in tactical thinking, marksmanship, unseen movement, and more. They are such an elite force that a saying has been created. “One riot, one ranger” Rangers are taught to have such good marksmanship that they can unleash a quiver of 24 arrows in the span of 10 seconds, and have every shot within an inch of each other, and sometimes have such good accuracy that were they to shoot a target, they would split their arrows in half. They have been trained to such a standard in unseen movement, that by using their specially made mottled green an brown ranger cloaks, you could be standing next to or staring at them and you would not realize it was a person. The original series “The Rangers Apprentice” follows the story of Will, a young state ward who was abandoned by his parents at birth. Will is pretty lanky and awkward, but unnaturally good and climbing, sneaking, and more so Halt, the top ranger in the kingdom, makes him an apprentice.

Will quickly develops, and after graduating ranger academy, his reputation exceeds even Halt’s. His story continues until a sister series comes out, “Brotherband Chronicles” and then the Prequel series ” The Early Days” and now finally “The Royal Ranger.” “The Red Fox Clan” is about a group of rebels that want to revert to a male patriarchy. (Only men can inherit the throne) Gilan, the ranger’s leader, and Horace, the king, and most prominent knight in the kingdom are misinformed of the rebels numbers and experience, and find themselves in a tricky situation. Only quick thinking and plenty of luck can save them now.

These books are awesome. I have read the original series 3 times, the sister series twice, the prequel once, and The Red Fox Clan twice. John Flanagan makes great, books that hook you, and fully plays into his makeshift world. I have also interviewed him, which made an interesting discussion considering I had read his books. He makes great content and you really should read them all.