Ultimate Battle of Cats vs. Robots


“Cats vs. Robots: This is War” by Margaret Stohl and Lewis Peterson is primarily for entertainment, it’s not the type of book that is out to teach a lesson.  Although, there is a lesson that you will learn along the way.

The story focuses on a war between cats and the robots.  Obviously the robots are very organized, and cats are not. As a result the robots and cats drive each other nuts.  They are always at war because they hate the way the other one lives. They find out about this technology chip that humans created that can give a cat unlimited lifespan (a weakness for cats) or can give a robot infinite battery life (a weakness for robots).  As part of the on-going war, both the cats and the robots are on a mission to get to the chip first.

The characters include:  cats named Obi, Pounce de Leon, Stu, and Scout; Min and Max (humans); the Protos (a group of robots that are helping out around Min and Max’s house), Elmer (a war robot for a battle of the bots contest), and Beeps (a robot from the robot planet Binar). Part of this story takes place on Earth, and the rest is in space.

Obi is an elderly, partially crippled cat who loves Max very much.  He sees Max as his owner even though he lives next door. Max is a kid who is enthusiastic about video games and loves cats and collecting figurines.  Min is Max’s sister who likes technology, always has her homework turned in on time, and does not like cats. Pounce de Leon is the only organized cat in the cat army.  Stu and Scout are two cats from Earth that know nothing about the cat army and are completely clueless kittens that Max finds washed up on the side of a riverbed. Elmer is a robot that Min makes for a competition called “Battle of the Bots.” Beeps is second in charge of the robot federation.  His worst enemy is Pounce de Leon since Pounce is the only organized cat in the cat army.

This book is geared towards younger kids.  As a teen I found the book to be a bit boring for my age.  There wasn’t really anything wrong with the book, it’s just that the characters and storyline create a very simple plot.