Fun toy, once you get the app downloaded


Orboot Adventure Guide is a fun toy. The Orboot is a globe that has cool designs on it and it comes with a mini passport, sticker book, instructions, and you need to download a app to go with it. The app is really cool because it allows you to explore the world, and see other continents food, traditions, animals, history, monuments, and beliefs.

The Orboot has a cool looking globe. The only problems with it is that the base does not screw on properly, and the top is connected by one hole, and can be pulled of easily. The Orboot app acts like a simulator, making the symbols on the globe 3D, and if you click on it, it gives you facts and information on the animal, monument, food, or tradition. It also has a thing called Oko Park and if you click on it, you will be stuck, and will have to shut your device down to get back to home. The app has mysteries, quizzes, and you can take  a tour to “explore” without the globe. There is also a bank, where you can collect coins, stars, and diamonds. My brother who is seven really liked this app so the interest ages are about 4 to 8.

The orboot app is fun, but is hard to download.  

It is free on Apple, and Kindle. You have to have a iPad, iPhone, or Kindle to use the app. This toy and app have creative and cool features.