SpiderMan Swings Back Into Action


Spider Man into the Spider Verse” brings something entirely new to the Spider Man movie franchise. In fact, it brings six entirely new things to the Spider Man movie franchise! Those six things are six unique Spider people, including Spiderwoman, SpiderHam (aka Peter Porker), and SpiderNoir. These additions to the Spiderman story make this movie funny, dramatic, and action-packed.

Although it is a cartoon, Spider Man into the Spider Verse is not childish. Spider Man into the Spider Verse begins with a single boy, Miles Morales. Miles is a normal young boy growing up in Brooklyn, and, as in all the Spiderman movies, Miles is bitten by a radioactive spider, becoming a new Spiderman. He discovers that he is not alone when New York is endangered by a Marvel villain, Kingpin, and the Spider Verse opens up. The battle against the villains is pretty standard superhero movie stuff, but Spider Man into the Spider Verse is different from other superhero movies because of its focus on the characters relationships with their families and friends. Like the traditional SpiderMan, this movie includes a difficult relationship between Miles, his father and his uncle, but the other characters also have interesting backstories.

These relationship stories do not slow the movie down, in fact, the movie picks up pace and gets funnier when the other Spiderpeople enter the movie. The movie soundtrack also gets better, with music by Post Malone. Speaking of soundtracks, this movie has lots of famous people voicing the characters: Nicolas Cage is the voice of Spider Noir and Liev Schreiber is the voice of Kingpin. The late Stan Lee, the creator of SpiderMan, makes an appearance in the movie, too, which will be a big deal for comic book fans.

Spider Man into the Spider Verse is rated PG, and is definitely a family friendly movie. There is no graphic violence, crude humor, or cursing. Any viewer over eight years old will enjoy this movie and be able to follow the plot and get most of the jokes.

Viewers who are already familiar with the Spiderman story will especially enjoy this movie because it relies on some elements of the traditional storyline, but someone who has not seen the movies or read the comic books will certainly be able to enjoy it, too, since the movie does explain why things are happening.