Resistance: A WWII Story


As we join Chaya Linder, a Jewish courier, in the book “Resistance” by Jennifer A. Nielsen during the war between the Nazis and the Jewish citizens of Poland she embarks on a dangerous journey through the Nazi-occupied Poland and the ghettos.

At the beginning, the author starts with a flashback. I thought that this was helpful for me as the reader to be able to understand Chaya’s past and what her world was like before the war. In the flashback, it talks about Chaya’s family and what her home felt like to her. Also, it includes how the Jewish people were treated and how they were herded into the ghettos. It explains that because the “rooms” in the ghetto buildings only housed four and Chaya’s family had five members, she was sent away to escape to live with her grandmother.

Soon after, Chaya stumbles upon a farmer’s house. Or so it seems. When Chaya joins Akiva, a resistance group led by Dolek, she is assigned a cell number (The cells were a group of people she was assigned to do a specific task with.) Akiva sparked most of the resistance groups both inside and outside of the ghettos.

As the story continues, the author develops her characters very well. I quickly became attached to Chaya as a person. Her actions and thoughts to try and help out the people in the ghettos was very inspiring. I admire the way that she always tries her best and goes above and beyond. Esther, a character that is introduced later in the story, is eager to prove herself loyal and worthy to the resistance. The supporting characters, even though they are in the background, they contribute a lot to the plot and Chaya and Esther’s journey.

Overall, I enjoyed this book and thought that it was also very informative. As the reader, I learned what the war was like from the Jewish peoples’ perspective. I thought that it was a very worthwhile read. Characters were developed well and the storyline had many surprises along the way.

This book contains topics and circumstances that younger children should not read. This a historical-fiction but it is based on true stories revolving around WWII.