Root – Easy, but pricey, way to learn coding


Root is a robot to teach kids how to code. There are lots of programs in it, but one flaw stands out. The robot itself costs about $200, and to continue to learn to code, one must pay an additional $5 a month, although there is a free trial, which I used to test the next levels.

There is a free trial, which allows the user to unlock more coding levels. The coding levels, however, are not quite finished. For now, Root’s coding lessons only apply to younger children, the “Level One” stage in coding. Root has three different levels. The first one is basic block coding, the second is a little more intricate block coding, and the third is simplified JavaScript.

The things Root can do are very unique. For example, one can use other users’ code to make Root act a certain way, light up a certain color, or say a certain thing.

Other than the costly program, Root is a wonderful way to learn coding. It is simple enough for younger users, while at the same time hard enough for them to learn a multitude of things, from what coding means, to how coding works, to building code blocks. I would recommend the Root Robot to anyone above the age of 5 or 6, and even anyone older!