The Powerful Ruth Bader Ginsburg


Even though Ruth Bader Ginsburg is now known as one of the greatest Supreme Court justices ever she had a life before that too. She was a wife, a mother to 2 children, and a woman trying to get through law school. This new take on RBG’s life is one that will be remembered for a long, long time. On The Basis Of Sex was a great take on her life story, and it brought up many important topics: women’s rights, equal pay, LGBTQ rights, and much more.

The movie follows Ruth( played by Felicity Jones) over the course of law school and then transitions to her as a college professor taking up a discrimination case. Ginsburg started out at Harvard Law School, one of only 7 women, and was top of her class. She then had to transfer to Colombia Law School and there she was also the top of her class. Although, after she graduates 13 law firms turn her down because they don’t want a woman working there.

Now, for the meaty part of the movie. This piece set in the 1970s when Ginsburg is working as a college professor when her husband Marty Ginsburg ( played by Armie Hammer) shows her a tax case that involves gender-based discrimination of a man. Upon seeing this case Ginsburg is determined to be the lawyer on this case and to win it. She spends months putting together and then finally her big moment is ready.

The two overarching themes in the movie were equality and parenting. In the movie, they very well showed how difficult it would have been in the 60s-70s for a woman to have done many things. Many laws that I wasn’t even aware of that prohibited women in the 60s-70s were also brought up in the film. Throughout the movie, they also mentioned quite a lot,  Ruth’s daughter, Jane ( played by Cailee Spaeny). They have scenes portraying fights between the two, but also of Jane witnessing the great things her mother does and we watch as Ruth becomes Jane’s idol.

Although the movie did a great job portraying who Ruth Bader Ginsburg was and what she believed in, it felt like there was a lot crammed into 2 hours. By the end, I almost felt as though I would need to go and rewatch the movie multiple times to get its full meaning. Also, there was some mature content seeing as it’s rated PG-13, so definitely not something for younger kids.