The Logical Answer: Don’t Bother


“Hacker Cybersecurity Logic Game” is a game where you try to stop the hacker by “coding” with a couple pieces of cardboard.

Let me tell you, the instructions are a novel. There is an excessive amount of instructions that might clear up a bit of the fuzz on how to play, but give you nothing else.

Once you figure out what to do on the first step, next comes the coding. A few of the beginner codes were so difficult that neither my sister nor I could figure them out.

That is pretty much the entire first level of the game. There are three levels.

Then you erase what you just did, put another piece of cardboard on the board, and start again. But you can’t touch this piece.

The third bit is starting over again, but this time trying to get to the virus, the bad guy in the story.

10 minutes, is what it took me and my sister, to finish a round. 10 minutes. Hacker is such a short and unentertaining game. I would not recommend it to anybody.

“It was difficult.” said my sister, a 9-year-old, “And boring.”

“Hacker Cybersecurity Logic Game” seems like something that will suck up 10 minutes of your time and then stay in a random drawer for the rest of its days.