“Swap’d” Captures Every Emotion


The second book in the “Click’d” series is here! “Swap’d,” by Tamara Ireland Stone, is a fabulous book that captures every emotion.

The story starts off with Allie, a coder, finding an advertisement about a Hackathon. She immediately knows that she wants to sign up. But when the submission forms need Allie’s latest game she wishes that she had a newer game other than Click’d, the game that busted before the last competition.

Allie doesn’t send in the application, in hopes that she can create a new game before then. But the Hackathon has reminded her of Courtney, her friend who moved to Phoenix, Arizona. So, Allie calls her and they make a plan to persuade their parents to buy Courtney a ticket to California.

When the tickets turn out to be way more expensive than expected, and the adults want the kids to think of a way to buy the tickets themselves, Allie is hopeless. But she soon realizes that her coding teacher’s assignment of reusing others’ codes and adding on her own codes can help make money.

Soon, Swap’d is up and running. It is an app where you can trade things from other students for five minutes per item. The buyers get new things and the sellers get cash. There is even a place for pick-up and drop-off. Plus, Allie gets 10% of the sales.

But things get a little more complicated than Allie expected, and she is even starting to have a crush. The author portrays Allie’s emotions of determination, love, and confusion so well that you feel like you are going through the same thing as Allie.

“Swap’d” is the second book in its series, but I like that you don’t necessarily need to read the first one to understand the story. I do wish that the author would have explained more about how the game Click’d works, because Allie talks a lot about it.

This book is a little long, so I would suggest it for older readers. I absolutely loved this book and I will even recommend it to friends. Even if you do not code, you will still understand it. This is a great read, even if you haven’t read the first book. I guarantee that by the end you will have a smile from ear to ear.