“The Train to Impossible Places”: A Journey of a Lifetime


Interested in fantasy and other worldly destinations? Then this is the book for you! In “The Train to Impossible Places” by P.G. Bell, Suzy embarks on a truly crazy adventure.

This book mostly consists of fantasy and fictional characters. The main characters are Suzy, a young human girl; Fredrick, a snow globe; Fletch, a troll that works as engineer for the train lines; Stonker, another troll who drives the train; a white bear named Ursel; and Wilmot, the postmaster of the Impossible Postal Express.

Suzy discovers the the train when she hears a strange banging and crashing noise on the first floor of her house in the middle of the night. She walks down and discovers exactly what the trolls didn’t want her to see. Now that she is aboard, there is only one thing to do – hold on tight and prepare for an unexpected adventure!

Throughout the book, the author creates a wonderful, imaginary world. The elaboration in this book is so detailed and precise that it is easy for the reader to get lost in the sentences and chapters and enter a fantasy world. It is also very creative in that there are lots of different elements of the plot and storyline. The characters are unique and are very easy to picture, which brings to life their emotions, actions, words and thoughts.

As Suzy travels through the Union of Impossible Places, she encounters the evil Lady Crepuscula, guardian of the Obsidian Tower; ghosts who live in a shipwreck that once sailed the seas known as La Rouquine and many other characters. And the those characters just might be hiding something. Something important.

If you enjoy fantasy or adventure, this is definitely a good read. It is a very entertaining and will keep you reading to the end.