The Hunt for the Mad Wolf’s Daughter


“The Hunt for The Mad Wolf’s Daughter” by Diane Magras is a follow-up book to her previous novel “The Mad Wolf’s Daughter”. I have to say that I think this sequel is really good and that it follows the story really well. Literally. This sequel picks up right after the first one ends. You HAVE to read the first book before you read this one. The lord’s uncle (Oswyn), who is greedy and wants the castle for himself, accuses Drest of murdering Lord Faintree (the knight she took prisoner in the first book), and is deemed “a wolf’s head”. This means that anyone who kills her gets paid. The rest of her family is being hunted and they must leave to keep safe. It is up to Drest to protect Lord Faintree while he recovers from his injury (for more details, read the first book). Follow them on their adventures in this exhilarating, hard to put down novel!
My critiques of this book are similar to the ones of the first novel. Sometimes the book moves really fast and you don’t know how the characters got from one place to another. The vocabulary is pretty simple, but it is violent and can be a little scary or intense. I also think that it is darker than the first one, as Drest is engaged in more hand-to-hand combat and doing more “extreme stunts”, so to speak. At one point, she is hanging from a rope on a cliff and is being shot at with arrows.
Despite the flaws that I pointed out, this book is an amazing sequel, full of great imagery and description! I could really picture the whole book in my head. It had fantastic dialogue and terrific fluency. Another thing that made it exceptional, was the thoughts in Drest’s head. Diane Magras showed the thoughts of Drest, and it really contributed to her characterization.
I would totally recommend this book to everyone third grade and up. But for it to make any sense, read the first one beforehand. Packed full of crazy shenanigans and laughs, this is the book to read if you are down.