” The Great Shelby Holmes and the Coldest Case”


“The Great Shelby Holmes and the Coldest Case” by Elizabeth Eulberg, is about a 6th-grade supersleuth named Shelby Holmes and her partner John Watson (who goes by his last name).  The two have made themselves well known around their school and their hometown of Harlem New York where the story takes place. This time, the pair go undercover as figure skaters to uncover a plot of threatening notes to ruin the great skater Jordan Nelson.  The worst part for Shelby, who runs on candy, is that her parents banned her from eating it. On top of that, Shelby and Watson can’t skate and the culprit has decided to make things even more difficult by writing the notes in cipher, a secret code. Everybody’s a suspect until Shelby says so. This includes Jordan’s former skating partner, her coach’s ex and skaters who rival her. Of course, Shelby and Watson still have to go to school, do homework, deal with friends and Watson’s father who came to visit from Kentucky then leaves unexpectedly. Then more notes come in and the case gets both harder and easier at the same time. Will Shelby and Watson solve the case or will it be too late?


I would rate this book a nine out of 10 because it wasn’t right for my age (12), but it was still a good read.  I recommend this book for ages eight to ten. This book is great for kids who like a challenging mystery or something to entertain them over a school break. “ The Coldest Case” is the third of Elizabeth Eulberg’s  “The Great Shelby Holmes” series that includes “The Great Shelby Holmes”, and “The Great Shelby Holmes Meets Her Match”. You don’t have to read the other books first to understand this one. The book has some ironic parts like when Watson discovers that he is going undercover in a case that involves his two favorite things sports and going undercover itself, but of all sports it has to be one of his least favorite, ice skating!.