Newest Zach and Zoe Mystery Lacks Suspense


Zach and Zoe have a new case! The Soccer Secret, by Mike Lupica, is finally here.

The book starts out with Zach and Zoe starting off their soccer season. Everything is going fine until the twins receive a package addressed to Zach. Inside is a Bears’ team jersey. But why would someone send Zach a jersey if he already has his? The twins are trying to find out who sent the jersey and why, when they receive good news: Cousin Anthony is coming!

But Anthony’s visit has brought more strange news the Bears (Zach’s team, not Zoe’s) are going to have a new coach! Now the twins have another mystery to solve: who is this new coach?

I liked this book, but I felt like it was directed more towards younger kids. They didn’t mention as much about soccer as I hoped they would. The book also felt short, so the mystery wasn’t as suspenseful.

I gave the book to my 8 year old brother to read, and he thought that it was a good read. He did say that he wished that the mystery was better drawn out, but he enjoyed reading it anyway. He also said that he appreciated how rather then having most of the characters be friends, most of the characters were family members.

I think that this newest Zach and Zoe book lacks some of the suspense, but is a great gift for a younger child.