A Change for the Better for your Perfect Girl


Note: Though there aren’t any curse words in the first three chapters, be prepared when beginning the fourth. Also, there are certain topics in this book that should not be read by a younger audience. This definitely a book for those seventh or eighth grade and up.

Another note: This book has not yet been released, but is expected to appear in May, 2019.

Do you enjoy realistic fiction? Maybe drama? In the book “Testimony From Your Perfect Girl” by Kaui Hart Hemmings, Annie Tripp, a 16 year old, has everything she could possibly want – fancy clothes and accessories, exclusive ice-skating lessons, a large and modern house in the mountains of Genesee, Colorado…

That is, until now.

After her father, an investor, is accused of scamming hundreds of people, she and her brother Jay are sent to live with their stranger of an Aunt and Uncle in Breckenridge. When they arrive, they are unpleasantly surprised by their new home. It is much smaller and “messier” than what they are used to. Additionally, they must “stay undercover” and temporarily change their last name to “Town.” They must now pretend to be Uncle Skip’s nephew and niece visiting from his brother’s family.

I enjoyed this book because it included believable characters, though it was realistic fiction. Some of the character included Annie; Jay; Sammy, their younger brother; Mr. and Mrs. Tripp, their parents; Aunt Nicole, Mrs. Tripp’s sister; her husband Uncle Skip; and Cee, Annie’s former best friend.

Throughout the book, the author was able to create a realistic scenario(s) that both Annie and Jay had to live through. Towards the end of the book, I found that I started to admire Annie because she learned a lot of lessons from living in Breckenridge, and was trying her very best to be a better person and change her perspective about life.

I also appreciated the detail and elaborate descriptions of every setting, which enabled me to clearly picture every one. When Annie and Jay went out into town, I was able to imagine every detail.

Overall, it was a great read. I enjoyed the realistic characters and the in-depth details. It quickly became a favorite of mine.