A Different Type of Book

Photo Credit: Amazon Website. Front Cover

“Splintered Light” is something different. Instead of presenting a hero and a bad guy and a conflict, it presents different points of view. The story moves amongst multiple characters While presenting a topic that makes you think. The book is about Ishmael, a kid who grew up on a colorless,dreary farm in a world of black and white. His brother disappeared years ago and his father died. One day, he wakes and goes to milk the cows and sees the strangest thing he’s ever seen in his life. It was color. The rainbow made by the glass pane was so brilliant and unique, he had to tell his family about it. They couldn’t see it.

He asks where his brother went and is directed to the commons, a magical place enclosed by stones that live. Almost everyone at the commons is an apprentice. People with heightened senses go there to perfect their art, even if it is useless to others. Everyone has the basic senses, but they are dimmed. Gustation apprentices cook foods with wild flavors, hue apprentices bring color, motion apprentices bring wind, and so on.

Every apprentice will eventually go on to create, and ultimately live in, a posticum. In the book, a posticum is an area of land given to some apprentices, specifically one from each hall. (Sense school) They all get together and put their touch on the land. It is not a normal piece of land though, because it is not land at all. It is an empty nothingness existing between dimensions that takes up no area and is walled by the magical stones. Once the posticum is complete, the creators live in it, and it becomes a new world. The oldest posticums, the ones that some apprentices are from, have very little left in regards to what the creators did. Everybody comes from a posticum, and once the creators are inside, they live out their life like anyone else.

Ishmael was eligible for the hall of hue. His farm was going through tough times, and only went to the commons to return with Luc, his older brother. When he went, he had no idea that a twisting story full of mistakes, jealousy, and wonder lay ahead. This is a terrific book that I think you should read.