Mindfulness Journey: A Great Way To Start Out The Year


The Denver Botanic Gardens’ Annual Orchid Showcase is somewhere you need to be!

When I arrived at the “orangery” (the greenhouse), I expected the showcase to be focused more on the moth orchid (phalaenopsis) and how to grow your own. It turns out, so many people came to those weekly demonstrations that now they are being referred to the Education Department. In those classes, you can learn things like how the orchids can last up to six months with proper care, how the hybrid orchids are made, and more. But if you go to the Orchid Showcase, you’ll have a whole different experience in store.

Nick’s favorite quote

The theme of this year’s Orchid Showcase is Mindfulness Journey. Nick, the horticulturist, told me about how it shocks him when people can just go through the entire exhibit in five minutes. The goal of this year’s Orchid Showcase is to have people get away from the rush, slow down, and lose themselves in the beauty of the orchids. The 2019 challenge was to be mindful and to go through the exhibit using all of your senses.

There are quotes on the glass talking about orchids to think about as you walk through. For example, “When speech comes from a quiet heart, it has the strength of an orchid, and the fragrance of rock,” by Stephen Mitchell. If you stop, look, and read the signs, you can feel yourself recognizing the beauty of the orchids. I encourage people to walk down the room twice. All of the orchids are different, some even look like other plants!

The Denver Botanic Gardens hosts an orchid show each year, always with a different theme.

This year’s mindfulness theme was a great one because, even though it was a small room, people stayed longer to immerse themselves fully with the beauty around them. Some of the orchids were repeated, but the experience was still fabulous.

Yes, this is an orchid!

One of the take home messages of the showcase was that even if you aren’t the showiest flower, you have meaning and importance to nature and to others. This message helped you to admire even the smaller flowers around the showy orchid that are easy to overlook.

This showcase seemed to be a real crowd pleaser. I heard people who come to the show every year state that in the previous years they repeated quotes, but this year the quotes were all new.

I’m not sure if younger kids would enjoy this showcase because they probably wouldn’t understand the message, but I loved the experience. I really appreciate the goal of making 2019 a mindful year, and the gorgeous orchids helped to start that off.