Funky New Spy Novel Thrills


“Jada Sly, Artist & Spy” by Sherri Winston is a kid’s novel that any kid interested in spycraft will love. It follows the story of Jada Sly, an artist, dancer, and martial artist moving from Paris back home to New York City after her mother’s death. Jada is sure that her mother isn’t dead, but in fact went undercover as a spy! When she starts seeing strange people following her, Jada knows she’s right. She teams up with the secret spy club at her school to investigate the mysterious people, such as creepy Allister Highbourne who works at her dad’s art museum. Will all these sightings lead Jada to her mom, or only lead her further from the truth?
I enjoyed reading this book. It is very suspenseful, and you only really learn what’s going on at the very end of the book. Sherri Winston makes this style fun, though. Jada had a spunky attitude, and her thoughts are very relatable. Whenever the grownups are keeping things from her, she makes sure to find out what’s really going on. Subtlety is a key factor in this novel, and I love how every aspect of the story builds until the very end. The characters are fun and very diverse, and the way they interact is very meaningful.
This is a good book for people ages nine to fourteen, because it does have some fight scenes that could scare younger kids. On the other hand, the book might feel a little bit simplistic for older readers. I know a lot of people have fun pretending to be a spy, and this kid spy adventure will definitely scratch that itch. People who enjoyed the “Spy School” series by Stuart Gibbs will also enjoy this book. While the stories themselves aren’t similar, the general topic and reading level are. “Jada Sly, Artist & Spy” is a good read for anybody who likes novels about rebellion and secrets, as well as suspense novels.